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E-Commerce Website Design Solutions gives any size business the ability to sell their products or even services online. With so many E-Commerce Solutions providers out there you have to be sure you know what you are getting into when it comes to fees, Gateways, SSL certificates and more.

Some E-Commerce Solutions gateways such as PayPal and some banks charge a large amount for fees on top of the actual service.

Dealing with an E-Commerce designer such as Shoreline Media is a great way to get your products as well as services online for purchase quick and easy. Shoreline will do all of the work for you. With integrated shopping carts built right into your site customers can easily purchase any item you may be selling right from your website. Depending on how your site is built some carts may be programmed into your current website.

Shoreline can offer affordable, professional and optimized E-Commerce solutions to any small or large business. Whether you are selling event packages, clothing, services, and even subscriptions Shoreline can get you optimized and selling in no time. All of our E-Commerce Solutions websites are designed not only with dedication to your company and services but also:

  • Fully Optimized E-Commerce products & Pages
  • Visitor Guest or Member checkout
  • Easily manage all products
  • Easily manage all shipping settings
  • Easily manage user accounts
  • Easily manage orders
  • Update products
  • Update pricing
  • Update quantities
  • E-Commerce Wish Lists
  • Special Group Pricing
  • Monthly Membership Options
  • E-Commerce Enhanced Tracking
  • E-Commerce Social Shares & Savings
    ……Support Forms…. Just to name a few.

E-Commerce Social Savings. Save By Sharing

E-Commerce Website Social SavingHow about a way to not only attract more visitors and sales to your site but a way for each sale to attract more online visitors eventually turning them into sales as well. Confusing? Not so much. Introducing Shoreline’s E-Commerce Social Savings.Connecting and Incorporating your Social Media Marketing into your E-Commerce Solution.


E-Commerce Social Savings Coupons, E-Commerce Website Design, Shoreline Media

With our E-Commerce Web Solutions Shoreline can easily allow specials and coupons to be given at checkout just by asking the customer to share their purchase. That’s right. E-Commerce Social Savings by Shoreline Media. E-Commerce Social Savings is a tool that allows you to easily add a social coupon system to your E-Commerce site which allows users to get instant discounts for sharing your pages or their purchases from your site. E-Commerce Social Savings by Shoreline makes it super easy for you to gain thousands of new fans and followers for your brand, and increase your social media traffic as well as drive visitors to your site. More shares = more traffic = more $$$$

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Did you know when researching branded products 44% of online shoppers begin by using a Search Engine? Start by hiring the right company for the job. Contact Shoreline for your free evaluation today.

Shoreline can tie all types of features into any E-Commerce site that we develop. Such areas as:

Don’t Want To Add Pricing?? No Problem

A specially programmed Quotes and Orders section allows site visitors to add unlimited items to the ‘Quote’ cart and proceed through your site Checkout to request a quote. Perfect for sites that want users to be able to quickly make up a list of items from the site that they want a quote on. Choose to operate in Manual Quote Mode (quote submitted off line) or in Auto Quote Mode (instant – user gets system generated quote and can use the sites payment gateways to complete the transaction).

Allow users to Earn Points for Purchases and Actions with your online Store
Points are earned for purchases based on the conversion rate you set. For example, customers could earn 1 point for every dollar spent. This conversion rate can be overridden at the category or product level, so you can encourage customers to purchase specific products. Points earned are displayed on the product page and on the cart/checkout page.

Redeem Points for Discounts

Customers can redeem points for discounts based on the conversion rate you set. For example, 100 points could be worth a $1 discount. You can set a maximum discount at the cart, product category, or product level that will limit the discount available.

E-Commerce Wishlist’s

An incredibly powerful add on with many unique and useful features available. Shoreline can incorporate such areas as a wishlist into any E-Commerce area. You can allow Guest customers to create their own Wishlists which will be stored for a maximum of 30 days, Allow Registered customers to create Wishlists and store them, Allow an unlimited number of Wishlists to be created by customers. Whether it is one list for that special occasion, or a few personal lists and a few shared lists, the possibilities are endless. Those are just a few functions that can be built and programmed in.

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