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The Shoreline Media Digital Marketing Client Portal. Online Marketing Made Easy
With just one login you can monitor Keywords, SEO, Analytics, Calls, Social Media, Website Performance, PPC and much more.

Track Everything Our SEO Team Is Optimizing For YOUR BUSINESS!! ..

At Shoreline we know how important it is to manage and track your return on investment. Viewing reports, viewing leads, keywords and other areas help you identify what may be working or may not be working with your internet marketing, SEO, Social Media and more. With that there comes the delivery of the reports you need to measure your marketing campaigns. A report for Social Media, SEO, PPC and more can turn into multiple emails and multiple downloads. Condensed reports can get confusing and scroll forever.

Shoreline has been working non stop for the past year to help provide our clients with an online solution to not only download a full organized report but access every single area of your marketing campaigns in one place. A portal that will allow you to view all of your information in one place and manage all your online marketing tasks from a single portal. No logging into 10 different sites. Unified data, multiple platforms, Social Tracking, PPC and more in one dashboard – The New Shoreline Client Portal.

SEO Client Reporting, Digital Reputation Management, Analytic, SEO Tasks and More!

Our Custom Reporting Dashboard Pulls Data From Top Reporting Platforms

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Shoreline SEO Agency Client Portal Features

Keyword Rankings
Track keyword positions in Google & Yahoo. We track Google Mobile rankings too.

Campaign Activities
Track activities performed on the project so you exactly know what is happening, what’s done and what’s pending.

Call Tracking
Track incoming calls your business received helping you to maximize your campaign’s performance.

Web Leads Tracking
If you’re using our forms, you can track web leads as well right within the dashboard.

Local Presence
Check your business’ visibility across 30+ important local search engines, directories & social networks.

Business Reviews
Hear it all, the good and the bad! Track online ratings, reviews & mentions for your business.

Get Positive Reviews
Generate more positive business reviews on Google & Yelp with our review widget.

Social Media
Get Social Media performance, reports and you can even schedule your own posts.

Shoreline Client Tracking  Shoreline Client Portal

Reputation Management NJ

Shoreline SEO   Shoreline Client Portal Project Management

Online Marketing Made Easy
One Login All Of Your Data

How would you feel about logging into just one platform rather than 10 different ones to track data? That’s what our Online Marketing Dashboard Brand360 is all about. Here are some of the tasks that you can carry out from our dashboard.

Reputation Management

Our new Reputation Management area will allow you to add a review widget to your website and show the 5 star reviews to any visitor. The Reputation Management Widget will also allow the visitor to visit any of your review areas such as Google, Yelp and other services to easily leave you a review from your website review widget.

These Reputation Management widgets can be custom built to show the reviews you want. You can build these yourself through your Shoreline Client Portal or we can build them for you.


Reputation Management

Reuptation Management NJ  

Lead Generation Tracking

Lead Generation Management

All of your incoming leads in one spot. You can track all areas of your lead generation forms from your own dashboard. That’s right, Shoreline does the work while you just watch.

Your lead forms will be tracked as well as managed through your own personal client dashboard. The time, date, IP address, Country and more will be added to your dashboard along with the conversion tracking of each form. You will also be able to view the views each of your forms have had.

Your Own Personalized Dashboard

There was a time when clients had to wait for monthly reporting form their Social Media and SEO companies. There was a report for SEO, Completed Tasks, Social Media and more. Now with the Shoreline Media Client Portal you can access everything (Literally Everything)  in one place. Your Leads, Social Media Marketing, Tasks, Keyword Ranking, Messages, Edits and more through your own personalized dashboard. Run your own reports, measure your lead and conversions, etc.

Personalized SEO NJ

Call Tracking – Call Dashboard

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you want to know where all of your leads are coming from. You as a client want to know what your SEO or Website Marketing Agency is doing for you on a regular basis. With our new and improved custom Call Tracking Call Dashboard you can track all of your organic SEO calls and Referring SEO calls in one place.

Our Call Tracking Dashboard allows you to view the information that is captured when someone finds your website from our organic campaigns. You will be able to view the busiest time calls come through, what day of the week you get the most calls and more.

Your Own Branded Survey Dashboard

Send out Surveys directly from your dashboard. Once they are views the tracking will track opens, replies, etc. When the survey is completed they will be asked to leave a review. This helps you recieve more 5 star reviews with our branded survey area!

Survey Marketing NJ

Social Media Ad Campaign Reporting

We can now track our Social Media Ad Campaigns within our Dashboard. Any ad campaign that our Social Media Team is optimizing and managing for you will be included in all of our weekly reports. With these reports as well as access to our custom reporting system all of the data from your ad campaign will be available to you at the click of a button.

  1. Consolidated report of all active campaigns under overview section.

  2. Generate a custom report to check the performance of one or more campaigns.

  3. All important metrics are displayed on the dashboard; so that you can easily understand how their Facebook Ads are performing.

  4. Download the Facebook Ad report in PDF format from the dashboard.

  5. Facebook Ad report with top performing Ads.


Visualize visitor behavior with our customized Heatmaps. Using our heatmap technology will help our team understand what the user wants, what they care about and what they do on your website. It will allow us to view the strongest indicators of visitor motivation. What areas are most clicked, viewed and read throughout your site, are your call to action points working, are they converting via desktop or mobile and much more. Truly understand your website and mobile website visitors. Using heatmaps our team can help find the hottest opportunities for your online growth.

HeatMap Reporting

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